Principal's Message

Being a part of the Sacred Heart Sr. Sec. School, Chandigarh is in itself a privilege, a boundless opportunity and a stimulating experience. And when one is at its helm, as I am of now, with its 3500+ student population and a team of immensely resourceful teaching and non-teaching staff, set in a delightfully sprawling campus, the responsibility rises to a different level. It becomes all the more challenging when this Institution is at par with the best not only in the tri-city but in the country as well. To add to that is to have with a worthy predecessor like Rev. Sr. Nisha Lobo who has left us an indelible mark of effective and inspiring leadership in the field of Education today.

Every human being is uniquely fashioned by the Supreme Creator, the Almighty, the All-knowing, the Omnipresent God, in His own image and likeness which can be summarized in one word, LOVE. As children of this loving God we have a calling to live and grow in the values of caring, sharing as one big human family for a harmonious journey through life as we engage in developing our individual human faculties into compassionate Human Beings, building healthy loving families, fitting societies and contribute our best to the building up of a an exemplary nation of which we are the proud and responsible citizens.

A school and education as a mission entrusted by God, offer immense possibilities for nurturing the all-round development and growth of the students, orienting and accompanying the young and ‘educable’ supple minds to focus on what is good and true, prioritize choices even as they are surrounded by the ephemeral attractions that the world offers. Great vigilance is required on the part of the elders to minimize the effect of evil forces that can disfigure the master pieces designed by the Master Craftsman with a definite purpose.

Following the educational Philosophy of Venerable Mother Seraphina, the Foundress of CFMSS, education in our schools is oriented towards forming every pupil into a “Good human being, intellectually competent, spiritually rooted, emotionally balanced, morally sound, physically fit, excellent citizen, interested in work and order, useful to oneself and society.” Though this may sound too much of an ideal, it is imperative that we leave no stone unturned in achieving this noble goal of education, that of grooming the young to become the best version that God intended them to Be at all levels. No less is the summit to which Sacred Heart Sr. Sec. School has its eyes on, as is evident from the quality of students who pass out from the portals of our Institution year after year.

Thanks to its excellent faculty who are very competent and ever active, Sacred Heart is able to make a difference in the lives of the students. Every one gives her best in everything sparing no sacrifice in planning and executing a wide variety of activities round the year for engaging the children in their all-round growth. The school provides excellent infrastructural facilities to achieve the goals that are set for the integral formation of the students. The well-being of the staff who dedicate themselves generously for the good of the school is also the priority of the management. The school has just inaugurated the newly built auditorium, the Golden Jubilee Memorial, and it is waiting to enfold the students in its spacious and gorgeous interiors. Unfortunately life has taken a different turn for all of us since the past few months.

If technical advances and the media hysteria was the talk of the days gone by, Covid -19 has replaced it overnight. Our world is reeling under this mysterious disease with medicine neither for prevention nor for cure. We are thrown into a soap-gap-mask culture and the challenging question is when will the pre-Covid times return? Will they ever return? When will our school campus come alive once again with the chatter and laughter of children? We miss them terribly though everyone’s safety is the priority today. Though we are physically distant, it also serves as a tool for greater family as social bonding if we can learn the lessons that this virus is teaching us. We are guided to take all the safety measures, keep ourselves clean bodily through frequent washing, nourish and purify our minds and spirit through positive and inspiring thoughts and strengthen our relationships all of which will help and sustain our fight against this pandemic and endure the deprivations with patience and serenity. We are also keenly aware that God’s care is made visible through the hundreds of doctors, nurses and health workers who are awake day and night by the side of the victims risking their lives. We are called to stay connected with our good will and solidarity and support the initiatives undertaken by the government and likeminded persons to assist the suffering humanity. We also pray earnestly to the Giver of Life to take away from us this dreaded time of tension.

I thank God for all the blessings bestowed upon each of us who are part of this institution, for His constant accompaniment, protection and guidance. I entrust the entire Sacred Heart family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus who accompanies, guides and protects us and our every move. May this period of uncertainty and anxiety come to an end and let us have our students back to regular classes. In the meantime let us resign to the plan of God and continue learning …….

All glory and honour ever to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Regy Joseph (Sr. Arti)