Principal's Message
“A new year. A new beginning. A year ahead etched yet by the shadows of unsolicited trials.”

Welcoming each one of you at the threshold of the new academic session, my heart is filled with gratitude to God Almighty for keeping us safe. His continued protection and guidance as a loving Father helped us tide over the trials and tribulations of a haunting year that humanity would wish did not exist at all! I thank God for you and appreciate the manner in which you faced life with much fortitude, trust, hope and calmness. The going was tough indeed but we have succeeded in wading through the turbulent waters till this moment and with renewed hope and determination we shall continue our journey for the good of all.

Today the whole world is grappling with unforeseen and seemingly relentless hurdles. We find ourselves caught in a web of uncertainties: hopefulness and helplessness take turns. Adversity, they say, brings out the best in humans.“It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.”– Doe Zantamata. It has given us a glimpse of our hidden strength, our patience and the bond that we as humans share. We have seen how barriers have come down and mankind has come together to tackle the common foe. A very fine example of universal brotherhood is our own country. We have not hesitated even for a moment in extending aid to other nations and have shared the vaccine with our brothers and sisters in other countries most willingly and generously.

Though the times are challenging, we need to move ahead. Where there's life, there is hope and vice versa. Let us step into the new academic session enthused by hope and positive energy to achieve the promises that we make to ourselves and to one another. Drawing from the goodness and beauty within and around us, we shall continue on this path of togetherness and gear up to provide for our dear children all that they need for a better, secure tomorrow. God will give us the strength to tide over all hurdles. We just have to place our faith in His plans and move forward with sincerity and commitment.

It is said, “Sometimes you have to do what you don't love, so that you become capable of doing what you love." Long is the road from conception to completion and it is the achievement of small goals that leads us to our final destination. Every academic year is a small step we take towards achieving our long term goals and the successful completion of our annual targets in spite of the challenges before us, is a matter of great satisfaction.

The teaching learning process is an ever evolving one. We are fast embracing a technically reinforced tutoring system and I appreciate the readiness and adeptness with which my teachers have moulded themselves to the need of the hour. We all need to be well equipped for a smooth transition. As parents, you too understand well the challenges your child faces.“Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent.” Together we have to support her to meet those challenges. Together we may give our children roots to grow and the wings to fly.

There is no doubt that the road ahead could remain rocky for some time to come; we are indeed facing a global crisis with the second wave of the pandemic and our lives are still full of uncertainty. Yes, indeed, there may be a lot of valid reasons for us to be fearful at this time. But we can get through anything if we have hope. It comforts, inspires, supports and motivates.

Our wonderful students, you are amazing! You continue to be incredible individuals who are committed and dedicated to your studies. I am so proud of your resilience and the manner in which you have tackled these challenging times. Please know that we miss you terribly in school! I am immensely grateful to God for the gift of each one of you, your parents and your family. Thank you dear parents for your faith and active support for the wellbeing of this Institution and its mission of education. I appreciate and thank the entire ‘Heartian family’ as we together step in to begin anew.

With the sentiment of gratitude to God for His abundant blessings, I entrust everyone to the Sacred Heart of Jesus who accompanies, guides and protects us and our every move. Pray that this period of uncertainty and anxiety may come to an end and we have the joy of welcoming our students back to regular classes. In the meantime, let us resign to the plan of God and continue learning.

All glory and honour ever to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Regy Joseph (Sr. Arti)