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  • Dance: The magical moments  
  • Dance: The magical moments  
  • Dance: The magical moments  
  • Dance: The magical moments  
  • Dance: The magical moments  
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Dance: The magical moments
Event Date: 12-Oct-2021
Updated On: 12-Oct-2021
Total Photo(s): 5
Description: The little Heartians of class I participated in an...
Previous Album(s)
  • Show and Tell Activity
    Event Date: 8-Oct-2021
    Updated On: 8-Oct-2021
    Total Photo(s): 3
  • Tribute to the Father ...
    Event Date: 2-Oct-2021
    Updated On: 2-Oct-2021
    Total Photo(s): 10
  • A cheer for my Guru's
    Event Date: 4-Sep-2021
    Updated On: 4-Sep-2021
    Total Photo(s): 17
  • Rakhi Making Activity
    Event Date: 19-Aug-2021
    Updated On: 19-Aug-2021
    Total Photo(s): 7
  • Mehendi Pattern Activi...
    Event Date: 18-Aug-2021
    Updated On: 18-Aug-2021
    Total Photo(s): 3
  • Rakhi- The Bond of Ete...
    Event Date: 16-Aug-2021
    Updated On: 16-Aug-2021
    Total Photo(s): 10
  • St. Clare's Feast
    Event Date: 11-Aug-2021
    Updated On: 11-Aug-2021
    Total Photo(s): 5
  • Mera Bharat Shrestha B...
    Event Date: 10-Aug-2021
    Updated On: 10-Aug-2021
    Total Photo(s): 5
    Event Date: 9-Aug-2021
    Updated On: 9-Aug-2021
    Total Photo(s): 5
    Event Date: 11-Jul-2021
    Updated On: 11-Jul-2021
    Total Photo(s): 29
  • Mother: The Epitome of...
    Event Date: 9-May-2021
    Updated On: 9-May-2021
    Total Photo(s): 29
  • Earth Day 2021: Restor...
    Event Date: 22-Apr-2021
    Updated On: 22-Apr-2021
    Total Photo(s): 8
  • Baisakhi: The Festival...
    Event Date: 13-Apr-2021
    Updated On: 13-Apr-2021
    Total Photo(s): 15
    Event Date: 4-Apr-2021
    Updated On: 4-Apr-2021
    Total Photo(s): 12
  • Rango Bhara Tyohar: Ho...
    Event Date: 30-Mar-2021
    Updated On: 30-Mar-2021
    Total Photo(s): 10
    Event Date: 20-Mar-2021
    Updated On: 20-Mar-2021
    Total Photo(s): 4
  • Desh Mera Rangeela
    Event Date: 26-Jan-2021
    Updated On: 26-Jan-2021
    Total Photo(s): 44
  • Season of Joy and Happ...
    Event Date: 18-Dec-2020
    Updated On: 26-Dec-2020
    Total Photo(s): 35
  • Feast day of our Patro...
    Event Date: 5-Oct-2020
    Updated On: 5-Oct-2020
    Total Photo(s): 12
  • Visionaries of free In...
    Event Date: 2-Oct-2020
    Updated On: 3-Oct-2020
    Total Photo(s): 18
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