Fee Rules
  • Fee for all classes from LKG to XII is to be paid at the Indian Bank, SCO 38-39, Madhya Marg, Sector 7, Chandigarh.
  • The fee can be paid either in cash or by cheque. After the 10th of beginning month of each quarter, fee will be accepted in cash only upto 15th of the month with late fee fine of 50/-. If 15th happens to be a holiday then fee will be accepted on the next working day. Thereafter, fee will be accepted with next quarterly fee along with a late fee fine of 50/- per month till 10th of the following month or with additional late fee fine of 50/- up to 15th of the following installment. If a student fails to clear all the dues by 15th January, she will not be allowed to sit for the final examination until she clears all dues with an additional fine of 100/- per Quarter.
  • Fee for the whole year is to be paid in four quarterly instalments. It can also be paid in one single payment for the full year along with the first quarter.
  • Cheques if bounced under any circumstances will amount to non-payment of fee for which a fine of 200/- will be charged.
  • Receipt book of fee is an important document to be kept safely and produced as and when required by the school to reconcile accounts.
  • The fee book is to be presented in the bank while making payment. Parents are requested to fill the correct name, class, section, admission number and amount of fee in the fee book. If lost, 50 will be charged for a duplicate book.
  • School fee may be increased by 10–20% every year.
  • 50 will be charged for Transfer Certificate and 10 will be charged for any other certificate given out from the school. For more details refer to the school fee book.